NATA Entrance Exam Sample Papers

Download NATA Sample Papers & Entrance Exam Pattern

Paper 1 – Aesthetic Sensitivity

Paper 2 - Drawing Test

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NATA Entrance Exam Pattern:

The NATA exam is for 3 hours and has 2 sections:
Section 1: Drawing test (2 hours) - 100 marks
Section 2: Aesthetic sensitivity test (1 hour) - 100 marks

Drawing Test

This is a two hour paper where candidate has to attempt three questions. Students should try to get 70 out of 100 marks.
The drawing aptitude is judged on the following aspects :

  • Ability to sketch a given object proportionately and rendering the same in visually appealing manner
  • .
  • Visualising and drawing the effects of light on the object and shadows cast on surroundings.
  • Sense of perspective drawing
  • Combining and composing given three dimensional elements to form a building or structural form.
  • Creating interesting two dimensional composition using given shapes and forms.
  • Creating visual harmony using colours in given composition.
  • Understanding of scale and proportions.
  • Drawing from memory through pencil sketch on themes from day to day experiences.

Aesthetic Sensitivity Test

  • Aesthetic Sensitivity Test is an Online Computer Based Test.
  • It is for 1 hour and has 40 Questions.
  • Each question has different marks and is timed (30 to 90 seconds) according to its difficulty.
  • Each student gets different set of questions. It’s a Computer Adaptive Test.
  • Once you answer a question you cannot go back to the previous question.
  • Students should get 70 out of 100 marks. Note your marks immediately after your exam.
Types of Questions in Aesthetic Sensitivity Test:
No. Type of Questions No. of Questions Expected
1 Visualizing different sides of 3D objects 6
2 Visualizing 3D objects from 2D drawings 6
3 Visualizing 3D objects from 2D drawings 6
4 English Communication Ability 4
5 Mental Ability (Maths & Quants) 6
6 Awareness about Architectural materials & objects 6
7 Architectural Awareness 6
Total 40